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Four steps to stay committed to 2017 fitness resolutions from athlete trainer Jay Cardiello “It’s great to get big muscles but if you don’t also build stronger tendons, then you’re going to get injuries,” Shanahan says. “You need complete protein, which is a protein that contains the parts of the animal that do not just build muscle, but also the connective tissues. That’s where the bone stock craze is coming from.” If slow-cooking stocks and soups are difficult to fit into your lifestyle, Shanahan says simple roasted

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In the heart health category, Berkeley Life/Lifes2good ’s supplement Berkeley Life provides dietary nitrates to help support nitric oxide (NO), and it comes with the patented Berkeley Test Nitric Oxide Saliva Strips, which tests NO levels in 10 seconds. In multivitamin, Vitamin Packs ’ propriety technology examines an individual’s diet, lifestyle, exercise and 650 potential medication interactions to help identify the nutrients an individual needs, and then sends its recommended vitamin regiment. Breakfast can be personalized, as demonstrated in Kellogg Company ’s Bear Naked Custom Made

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When vast food supplies fill landfills while populations go hungry, it’s time for innovative solutions that solve both the food waste and food injustice problems.  By identifying dead zones in the supply chain that prevent almost-expired-but-totally-fine-to-eat-food from getting to people who need it, apps such as 412 Food Rescue work with teams of volunteers to redistribute food to community kitchens. A new company called Apeel, which uses landfill-bound organic vegetable waste to create an edible film that coats fresh produce may be able to extend the life of food better than current methods such as waxes or

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"We seem to be in a cycle lasting decades of seeking sequential scapegoats. Right now there's a cottage industry in implying that the one thing wrong with our diets is sugar. . . . That doesn't exonerate pepperoni pizza," Katz says. "The focus on a scapegoat invites the food industry to do what they've done to us for decades, and that is keep inventing new kinds of junk food." Khosrova is a fan of moderation when it comes to butter, if only because her beloved condiment is packed with calories and so flavorful that

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They cost $6.99 each for a 12 oz. container, and you’ll find them in the refrigerated section. Picnik butter coffee now for sale online and at new 365 by Whole Foods in Cedar Park Butter coffee has been a cult favorite for a few years now, especially in the Paleo crowd. The first time I had it was at Picnik’s South Lamar trailer, which was one of the first places in Austin where you could find this drink made with grass-fed butter, 100 percent coconut MCT oil and grass-fed whey protein that is supposed to lead

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Ghee whiz! Indian-style clarified butter produced in Los Angeles The new got-to-have ingredient is ghee — not from India, where this ancient style of clarified butter originated, but from right here in Los Angeles. The demand is huge, judging by what has happened to Raquel Tavares Gunsagar, who is making ghee under the brand name  Tava  in a commercial kitchen in Lincoln Heights. “We basically grew 1,000% in five months of business,” she said. Tavares has taken ghee to the cutting edge by adding flavors such as vanilla

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The mildest, of course, was vanilla. Next to ON’s vanilla ice cream flavor and their milder vanilla crème flavor, Earth Fed Muscle’s offering did little more than make my almond milk taste more like regular milk. Regular milk is sweet, creamy, and delicious. I am not complaining. I’m not a big chocolate guy, but my concerns that the strictly cocoa- and stevia-based flavoring would be dull or bitter were unfounded. No one would call Earth Fed Muscle’s chocolate flavor mild, but I preferred it to the overwhelmingly chocolatey powders I’ve

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The Eastern European water cooler market edged closer to 2 million units installed at the end of 2015, a rise of just 0.5% on 2014, according to a new report published today by consultancy firm Zenith International. Water sales volumes through bottled water coolers and dispensers or pumps also increased by 0.5% to reach 2.2 billion litres. The share of water sales through coolers is now 12% of total bottled water consumption, compared with just 4% in 1999, Zenith said. But despite the figures, the cons

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